Telling Stories... What works?

I have been experimenting with storytelling. What works? What catches? Seems to be something to do with the proverbial "us." In other words who is your audience, in effect "your audience" is the proverbial "us." If I show people themselves, or something about "them" people are more likely to enjoy it... I guess.

In that way a film about "your" local football team would be better received than a film about someones garden in Iceland with which you have no real connection to... Odds are you, A. are not interested in gardening, and B. you have no interest in Iceland...

So this short film I did on inland Tsunamis would not be of much interest to most, except to Buffalonians or people from here that didn't know they happen here. Combine that with some beautiful footage and it had 7,500 view in one week on my Facebook page... So I am experimenting with identity and affinity groups and this concept to see what works next...

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